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Your home is a reflection of you.

As I was walking this morning, I marveled at how buildings are a real depiction of people. There were some buildings that were standing tall and were beautifully landscaped and well kept. These buildings were inviting people to come in and sit or do business with the occupants. Then, there were others that were not so inviting. Leaning, in desperate need of something more. A helping hand, or just someone to lean on.

I suspect that is just like people. Some are moving through life without a care in the world waiting for the opportunity to run the play that God has given them. They are well dressed and smell great when they walk down the street. Then there are those who lean over and are in need of something or someone to prop them up. Deferred maintenance, perhaps?

The next time you walk outside and your grass isn’t cut, or the porch has not been swept, ask yourself if you would want to be left that way? Unkept, uncared for, unloved.

The next time you throw on any old thing and go to the store, remember you should always present yourself in excellence. I mean, we are all responsible for our corner of the world. Make sure you keep yours in order. This applies not only to your life but to your home as well so always B Wright At Home.

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Brenda Wright
Brenda Wright
Apr 22, 2021

In the grand scheme of things it boils down to stewardship. We should take care of all that we have been given charge over. Real Estate is just one thing.

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